March 28 - April 4th 2020

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Winning Projects

1. Sound of Your Love

#Funeral Challenge

Sound of Your Love is a simple service that’s easy for anyone to use and has the healthcare staff in mind. First, a friend or family member signs up for an account. They receive a unique call-in phone number that they can send to others. When people call the number, they’re instructed on how to record a message. The message is populated in the system. Later on, the staff at the hospital, hospice, or nursing home can get access to the unique phone number. The staff member selects “listen to messages,” to play back all the messages at once.

2. Juniper Tree

#Resources Challenge

It can be difficult for local pastors to have access to the technology needed to make lists of available resources accessible, understandable, and shareable at scale. Many churches are currently doing this through the use of Google Docs, but Google Docs does not scale well. The Juniper Tree team built an end-to-end solution that allows resources to be collected (via Google Forms), curated (via Google Sheets) and then published to an website site (Google Sheets API, triggering a build of 11ty on Netlify).

3. Flourish

#Neighbouring Challenge

Flourish is a volunteer-matching platform that connects individuals with opportunities based on their passions, skills, and schedule - empowering them to contribute impactfully to their community. The project addresses the challenge to build a solution to uniquely and proactively share the good news of Jesus during a time of global increased anxiety, fear, stress, and disappointment. Flourish provides a streamlined response to empower people to better-serve their community in-response to COVID-19.

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4. Hello Neighbour

#Discipleship Challenge

Hello Neighbour is an app that enables church members to make new connections with people they normally wouldn't usually connect with. This app addresses the challenge to build a solution that identifies and supports at-risk geographical neighbours, including an easy method for checking in and helping their tangible needs. It does this by employing a creative invitation system that ministry leaders can use to send email invites to community members, then enabling them to be matched with others, creating an online discipleship community.

Other great projects

Project Connect

#Resources Challenge

Amid the news surrounding the COVID crisis, it's hard to miss reports of people who've fallen through the cracks, despite the efforts of governments throughout the world. This chat bot connects vulnerable people to local churches, which can offer not only necessities and community, but eternal hope and salvation in Christ!


#Discipleship Challenge

'Savok', Thai name, means disciples. This team created a web application named 'Savok' for mentoring. This allows the members to find out available, matched mentors.

#Gather Challenge

Once coronavirus started to spread, events around the world were being cancelled. First large, then the smallest. VirtualMeet is a platform to list and manage an organisation's public and private events taking place online to make it easier for people to discover, register and attend.

Hug of the soul

#Mental Health Challenge

The load healthcare workers are bearing is more than a human being could stand. This project creates a channel of Communication between health workers in distress with a mature christian/therapists or community to give them emotional/spiritual support.


#Elderly Challenge

In the midst of the distance we are experiencing, the church's action has become slightly limited in terms of individual contact, having a hard time to be in touch and stay close to those who need. This is an application for people to participate in a community where they can identify themselves as “people who need help” or “helpers” and, thus, communicate and collaborate with each other.

Neighbour XM

#Neighbouring Challenge

Many people don't know their neighbors, and therefore have no way to communicate what they need to their community. This project aims to help local churches and communities help vulnerable people during a crisis by implementing a proprietary check-in process.

Distant No More

#Evangelism Challenge

The service "Distant No More" connects isolated people with one another based on interests, and provides the option of reading scripture together in the hopes of multiplying disciples.


#Neighbouring Challenge

MyNeighbor App (means "TetanggaKu" in Bahasa Indonesia) creates a free platform for anyone who is not able to find and in desperate need to request essential items. It will allow a party to freely request resources and another party to donate resources with churches acting as coordinators and mobilizers.


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